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i dont know. maybe more of you'd read it if it had that title. -shot.-

10 Firsts...

First Best Friend: Sam, my cousin. We don't talk anymore.
First Imaginary Friend: I had a possum, a Vulpix (for a year and a half), and alot of random other ones.
First Pet dog name: Angel.
First Piercing: My Ears
First Crush: Beetlejuice
First Car: Don't have one
First School: Saint Peters.
First Kiss: Emily. Haha.


9 Lasts...

Last Time You Smoked: Never have.
Last Food You Ate: Pizza.
Last Car Ride: Coulda been last night. I don't remember.
Last Movie You Watched: To Kill A Mockingbird
Last Phone Call: I don't remember.
Last CD You listened to: Interpol's "Turn On The Bright Lights"
Last Bubble Bath You took: While ago.
Last Song You listened to: Stop The Noise!
Last Fight: Last night with James.

8 Have You Evers...

Have You Ever Dated a Best Friend: Yeah. Just through the internet though<3.
Have You Ever Been Arrested: No
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: When I was young.
Have You Ever Been on TV: I don't remember.
Have You Ever Kissed Someone and Regretted It: No.
Have You Ever Cheated on Your bf/gf: No. And I wouldn't.
Have You Ever Been on a Blind Date: No
Have You Ever Been out of the Country: YES CANADA.


7 Things You are Wearing...
-  Offspring shirt
- Black longsleeves under it
- Lots of bracelets
- Black socks
- Marty Converse
- Baggy black pants
- lolz under garments.


6 Things You've Done Today...

- Ate
- School
- Draw
- Drop something
- Play Badminton
- Talk to Liz, Aiko, James, and Phantom on the AIM.


5 Favorite Things (no specific order)...

- God
- Music
-  Certain someone
- Food/Drawing (shyt up they're related)
- No school


4 People You Most Trust (no specific order)...

- Aiko
- Liz
- Meg
- Kris


3 Choices...

Vanilla or Chocolate: CHOCOLATE cos i'm black
Hugs or Kisses: Depends on the situatoin.
Pens or Pencils: Depends on my mood.


2 Things You Want to do Before You Die...

- Something i'm not saying.
- Become a better Christian.


1 Person You Want to see...

- Aiko, I guess.

I had an eventful day.
music shut me up - mindless self indulgence

so first. i get to school at 6:59. and i'm sitting in front of my locker, listening to Muse, doing my biology homework. then all of a sudden, there's a spider crawling around a foot away from me. and tala is arachnaphobic. i'm not kidding. if there's a spider in a room, i won't go into the room til the spider is killed. i can't look at them on tv. i can't.. do anything. they make me cry.
and here i am, with one crawling around next to me. and i can't do anything about it cos if i jumped up and started stomping on the ground i'd look crazy. so yeah. the spider was crawling over to the other side of the hallway, and then these people walked by so the spider stopped and came back in my direction. and let me tell you, this was NOT a small spider. and it wasnt a daddy long legs, either. so i just ignored it and was doing my bio homework. and i looked back at the ground, and it was gone. so i figured it had, like, gone away. and then it craweled out from BEHIND me. so then i jumped up and went to get a drink, and didn't sit back down.

so then i went to p.e. and played floor hockey. and we got to pick our teams! sooo mine was
kelly, saori, katie, jen, anne, and yurelli. It was GREAT. we lost so bad, but we had so much fun doing it. it was just.. the best p.e. hour ever. so was yesterday with badmitton<3. (which i pronounce badminton for some reason).

during lunch, i told ineke to yell "WHY DIDNT YOU DO THE DISHES?!" in german, because i wanted to hear her yell in german. and she said it SO great. she sounded possessed. so sam & i decided we're gonna make a movie. The Exorcsim of Ineke Borchert. it was.. great.

then in bio. the last 15 minutes of class we were doing our homework, and a spider came down from the ceiling onto my desk. i stood up and was like o________o WTF NOT AGAIN.
so yeah. spiders are stalking me.

then in written/oral we got to go to the computers. so of course james and i sat by eachother and didn't work on what we were supposed to do. he was unplugging the keyboard from my computer and he kept trying to shut my computer down. and i was getting annoyed so i reached over to do something to his, and i fell off my chair. and i fell ontop of him, and then fell on the floor. it was SO funny.

and then when i got a drink with kt ( :iconafry: ) before human geo, james was there. so i ran over to tackle him, he moved out of the way, and i ran into the wall.

it was.
and now i'm listening to Chris Daughty. YEAHYEAH idol '06 that's him.

(context from AIM conversation.)

Liz:  um haha you opened the emergency window on the bus
Tala: hahaha.. what happened?
Liz: after you got off the driver was like "if anyone who is sitting  by an emergency window has their lever up please put it down" and i thought it was someone in the back of the bus doing it but then the girl who was across from me was like "theres one behind you, is that open?" so i looked back to where we were sitting and the window was wide open and the lever was up so i was like trying to close it but i couldnt cause my arm was at a weird angle so the driver had to come over and close it

Lmaosfosfhsd. that's SO great.
cos I was playing with the lever hahasdlfhslf.. omfg. i suck.
RAR haha i'm so beastly.
Aiko.. I hope youre having a good day. I've been thinking about you since last night D:
the second you figure out what's up, i'm drawing you billions of giftarts. k?
everyon else,
you're all cool if you care enough to read this.

I'm so angry right now. It's for such a stupid reason, too. Someone say something to calm me down.
music system of a down.

Today was a good day.
P.e. was so funny. playing badmitton with kelly. she was high off of air. she was laughing at everything. and she kept missing the birdie and then when she hit it over the net me and jen would be liek SDFLJFLSD<333.
Uhh. I dont wanna type what happened today. haha. so i'm not going to.
BUT i did learn that in a study, scientists have linked acid reflex to obesity. my mom and i were talking about how we both saw it coming.
um. american idol tonight. i hope elliot doesn't go home.
i think i'm seeing the idols again this summer with my mom and russ. maybe daniel, too.
LOOK AT THIS BIOTCHES HOT ART :iconfaelschung:. I love her x3.
Then since her art is AWESOME, join this club for her! :iconklub-der-mishoe:!

What do you think? I THINK IT SOUNDS GOOD :3
Haha okay this is just for Liz and Meg but you all can read it.

Okay guys we are gonna see Scary Movie 4 NEXT weekend.
Because Friday night Ineke has to baby sit
Saturday James is going to be out of town
and Sunday is Meg's Greek Easter.
ANd also Liz is rearranging her room this weekend.

SO YOU GUYS we're gonna go next saturday or friday. okay? x3.


See, I got to thinking. Most people say they don't believe in God because, "Oh, he's never helped me when I needed it. My life got really bad and I prayed and nothing happened."
Well, here's a story that Moses told someone named Joshua in a movie that I watched last week.

There was a flood and this guy was at his house and his neighbour said ,
"There's a flood, you should leave."
The guy says, "No. God will save me if I need it."
So it starts raining and a guy comes by on a camel and says,
"Get on my camel. you're going to drown."
The guy says, "No. God will save me."
It rains more and more and soon the guy is stuck on his roof. The last of the people are leaving in boats. One comes by and says,
"Hurry, get in the boat. You're the last person here. You're going to drown."
But the guy still says, "No. God will save me."
So the guy drowns and dies and when he talks to God he says,
"God, why didn't you save me?"
God says, "I gave you the neighbour, the camel, and the boat. What more did you want?"

Now, I don't know if that's a true story or not.
But when it comes down to it, the meaning of it IS true.
God gives us plenty to give us help. But we're just sitting here waiting for something obvious. We're too stupid to see it.
We're waiting for God to give us this HUGE sign. This huge sort of, "I'm God and I'm going to save you" type of deal.
That's not how it goes.
God gives us what we need. But we usually have to look for it.

I don't know.. just a thought.
don't expect anything good for a little while coming from the wolfmutt.
haha NO. i'm not going to.
I am going to take another survey.
read this one it's SUPER special.

- About you
name: Allison
nicknames: Tala, Ally, Emo
age: 14.. 15 in two weeks haha
height: 5 7
reilgion: Christianity
hometown: Fast Action Heiiights.
sexuality: "Bisexual"
status: Single?
crushes: Not telling youuu x3.

- Favourite
color: Black, Blues, Greys, red.
food: ALOT haha. Pizza, whipped cream, mints, and italian the most though.
drink: Water, i guess
animal: Canineees, hyenas, raccoons, OTTERS, and
book: Harry Potter
bands: Lovehammers, Interpol, AFI, HIM, Butch Walker, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Tom Petty, KoRn, MxPx, Offspring, Keith Urban, Manson, and Bon Jovi are my TOP ones
movies: Nightmare Before Christmas, Madagascar, Meet the Fockers.
tv shows: American Idol, Criminal Minds, random things on VH1 & Fuse
month: October, November, & December
day of the week: Friday
thing to say: "dah urr" and "I LIKED youuu"

- Last thing you
ate: Chips n salsa and then a chocolate
heard: "Let it Happen" - MxPx
said: Umm "She'll call you back... k, bye".
watched: No. 1 Video Countdown on Fuse
touched: my hand i think
got angry about: AFI
laughed about: not sure
cried about: Ahaaa.. someone<3.
messed up: Oh man haha. Alot of things.

- Last person you
talked to: my mom
laughed at: my mom
gave a gift to: i can't remember
hugged: my little brother
IMed: Liz
messaged on myspace: HAHA MYSPACEee. Ineke
saw: my mom. .. again xD.

- Right now
time: 412
day of the week: Saturday
wearing: baggy black pants since friday haha, my brother's shirt, and stuff under it Ohhhyeah ;3
listening to: The Evil World - Gob
three favourite bands: Hm. Right now I'm intoooo.. Keith Urban, She Wants Revenge, and Children of Bodom
thinking about: SOMEONEee<3
doing: this survey, and having my tongue half out of my mouth
should be doing: Eh. Putting cds back.

who do you tag: I don't usually tag people, but i will! AIKO, LIZ, AND MEG! DO THIS IF YOU LOVE ME GUYS :heart:

Okay. That was fun.
comment if you love me? haha.
i just wanted to get the other journal off my page.
music hips don't lie - shakira

i found something to do for a few minutes.
stolen from the sexiest :iconphantomofthepyramid:

A - available?

B - Best Friends?
Yeah. Aiko, Liz, Meg, Kris, and Misho.

C - Crush?
If you wanna call it that, sure. It's more severe than that, though.

D - Dogs name?

E - Easiest Person To Talk To?

F - Friday or Saturday?
Hm. Depends, actually. I think I'm more partial to Friday.

G - Gummy Bears Or Worms?

H - Hometown?
Fast Action!

I - If You Could Move Would You?

J - Jelly?
What about it?

K - Kids?
Dislike them.

L - Longest Car Ride?
Chicago to south of Nashville.

M - Milk Flavor?

N - Number Of Siblings?

O - One Wish?
I have more than one.

P - peanut butter?
Is good.

Q - Favorite Quote?
"I LIKED chuuu in like.. every movie I've ever seen!"

R - Reason to smile?
God, Friends, music, food, standup comedy, SOMEONE I LOVE<3.

S - Song You Last Heard?
Hips Don't Lie

T - Time You Woke Up?

U - Unknown Fact About Me?
I'm eating food right now?

V - Vegetables You Love?

W - Worst Habit?
I'm pretty rude.

X -x Rays you've had?

Y - Yummy Foods?
Chocolate, fruit, mints, soup, pizza, and whipped cream.

Z-Zodiac Sign?


Meg, are Liz and I coming over tonight?
Because I can't tomorrow.. D:
It's Friday, and there's no school. So what am I doing?
Sitting all day in front of the computer.
Not doing anything.

I hate this.
I am so sick of not doing anything.
I'm sick of just sitting here.
I hate it. It makes me feel lazy and gross.

So you're all like, go outside and do something.
Well, I can't!
I'd love to be able to go for a walk and do something.
But my anxiety.. I can't go outside alone. I freak out.
And there's no one around here to do anything with.

Meggggg. If you didn't live so far away, we'd be outside right now D:
I have 108 watchers?!
WTF is that.
Hahahhaa I don't deserve it.
And only a third of you even look at my art anyway haha.

I just think it's really.. weird x3. I feel almost special.
all i know is that, too me,
you look like you're losta fun.
open up your loving arms.
i want some.
i set my sights on you.
no one else will do.
and i've gotta have my way baby.

you spin me right round, baby.
right round like a record, baby.
right round, round, round.

music you spin me right round.

So I went to Liz's after school<3.
And then we went to Willow Creek to see things about Good Friday. I enjoyed it alot. I sort of learned new things, but not really. I just gained more insight and appriciation for things I knew vaguely before.
The best part for me was coming home and having my little brother all excited to tell me the story of Good Friday and Easter himself x3. And he talked about how much he liked the thing there.
That just.. means something to me.
:iconu-suck:'s birthday today! go leave her comments even if you don't know her! she's wayyy cooler than you can imagiiiine.… THATS FER YOU MEG but it's hard to read the captions.

1.YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet and current street name)?
Emma Olive.

2. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (grandfather/grandmother on mother's side first name, favorite candy)
Helen Chocolate

3. YOUR "FLY GIRL/GUY" NAME: (first initial of first name, first two or three letters of your last name)?
T. Bar

4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite animal, name of high school)?
Wolf Hersey

5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born)?

6. YOUR OPPOSITE SEX NAME: (name of dad, cell phone Company you use)?
Robert Virgin Mobile (..great.)

7. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (first 3 letters of your last name, last 3 letters of mother's maiden name, first 3 letters of your pet's name)?

8. JEDI NAME: (middle name spelled backwards, your mom's maiden name spelled backwards)
Yelkow Hgiel

9. PORRRN STAR NAME: (middle name, street you grew up on)?
Leigh Olive

10. SUPERHERO NAME: ("The" your favorite color, product being advertised on a popup, year you were born.)
The Blue Free Hip-hop Artist Screen Savers 1991
(I like that one.)

Stolen from :icongure-okami:.
ITS GERARD WAY'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not one person commented on last weeks.. but maybe this one will yeild more feedback. This one is pretty lengthy, but to me it's the most IMPORTANT one I've posted yet. Please bear with me, read it, and give me whatever feedback you can.

This week- Substitutionary Atonement.

There was once a man named Milton Olive III. He grew up in Chicago, Illinois. At the age of 17, he enrolled in the Army. He ended up in the war of Vietnam.
Once he got there, he met four guys. The four of them became close friends and decided to get out of there alive, and to watch eachother's backs. It was a hard task to do, but they kept true to it for a while.
One day, they were walking down this path, when a gernade was thrown in front of them. It was going to go off in a matter of seconds. Without thinking about himself, Milton grabbed the gernade, put it in his shirt by his stomach, and curled in a ball on the ground, face down. His plan worked, and he absorbed the full blast of the gernade. He died instantly, and his friends lived that day. In fact, they're still alive today due to Milton's bravery.

Stories like that are great to hear. Giving your life for someone else to keep theirs is the greatest gift anyone could give. This is what's known as substitutionary atonement, and this topic comes up alot in the Bible.

The very first example is back in the Garden of Eden.
As you all know, God told Adam and Eve that they could eat from any tree in the garden except for one- the tree of knowledge. The punishment for eating out of it was death. But the story goes that they ate it. The second they ate from it, alot happened. They realized they were naked, they realized they sinned against God, and they realized they were in trouble.
God came and asked them if they'd eaten from the tree, and they said they had. Then he did something unthinkable. He killed an innocent animal, took its skin, and made clothing for Adam and Eve from it. This is the first depiction of death in the bible. It's also to first image of substitutionary atonement. Adam and Eve sinned, and an animal died.

Another example a while on was when the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt. The whole story of Moses comes into play here, but to save time we're not going to focus on that. God unleashed ten plagues upon Egypt to free his people. The tenth plague was, without a doubt, the worst.
This was that the angel of death was going to come through the city, and kill the first born son of every family. The only way to save your child was to kill a lamb from your herd and put the blood on the door post. Indeed, all the families who abided by that had their children spared. Those who did not kill the lamb, their sons were killed. Again, this is an example of, yep, substitutionary atonement. If you killed an innocent lamb, your son would be spared.

And now comes the story that we're going to focus on. The story of Jesus. Jesus was THE final substitutionary atoner. He was an innocent man who was killed for our sins. As he died, his last words were, "It is finished."
And in saying that, he didn't mean that just his life was finished. He meant that the atonement was finished. He sacraficed himself for us, and it was now over. We were all free of eternal death, and all we have to do is call upon him.

On the final day of our lives, we're going to be judged before God. We're not going to be asked about our sins. God knows our sins, and Jesus already died for them. All that is going to be asked of us is this, "Who is your atoner?".
You have two options.
You can either say, I'm going to self-atone. Meaning you are going to take the hit for your sins. This is an insanely stupid choice. It means eternal seperation from Jesus Christ.
Or you could say, Jesus Christ was my substitutionary atoner. This means your sins have been paid for, and you're now free.

Now I'm going to wrap up by going back to the story of Milton Olive III. Yes, he died for his friends. And his death did allow them to live a little longer. But what's 50 years compared to forever? No death matches up to Jesus's death. Because the death of Jesus Christ did not allow us to live longer on this earth, but it allows us to live forever with him in Heaven. All we have to do is accept that He was the atoner. We can't die for our sins. We can't do anything for our sins. We have to confess them to him, and we have to accept him as our saviour.
I love that word so much.
Last night, my mom and I watched Jackass: The Movie. She thought it was funny but really stupid at some parts. I love that movie, though. I love that show. :heart:. I want it on DVD. Johnny Knoxville is my.. idol.…

What's going on with me todaaay.
I'm going to maybe upload another referance sheet.. and get started on like the two trades I have xD;. I actually have like five but haha that's beside the point.
I'm putting music on my computer..
Rammstein, Bon Jovi, NSYNC, Cher, Coheed & Cambria, Bowling For Soup, Nickelback, Box Car Racer, Simple Plan, My Chemical Romance, Yellowcard, Relient K...
ALOT of random shiznit x3.

EVERYONE DRAW J.D FORTUNE FOR HERRR!@3409171.… (the hot one.)
:iconu-suck: is so hotttt. MEG. MY BUDDYYYY.